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Tired of increased clinic costs and stagnate revenue growth? Competition taking all the patients? Then you’re in the right place. Let’s turn your stagnate revenue growth to staggering revenue growth!
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Eliminate the competition and dominate your market.

Results speak for themselves, don’t take our word for it.
More than 320+ new patients acquired and more than 2,000+ appointments.
Looking to acquire more bariatric surgery patients to grow their practice, we’ve helped this Bariatric Surgery Center acquire more than 320+ new patients, 165+ surgeries performed, and more than two-thousand patient appointments.
660+ new patients, 325+ vein procedures while dominating the local market
Helping this Vein Center dominate the local market and Google while bringing in hundreds of new patients, vein procedures, and thousands of appointments, we’ve helped generate a consistent flow of new patients to help this Vein Clinic grow at a rapid pace.
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Grow your medical practice with a proven formula backed by real results.

It’s time patients see you as the only choice when choosing their doctor. We’ll show you the growth formula that’s tailored to your needs, then execute it to perfection for you.
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Hyper growth for your medical practice is a click away.

Where you are and where you want to be are two different things. That’s why we exist. We’re here to bridge the gap and get you in the path to hyper growth

Innovating the patient experience with cutting-edge technology.

Patient Feedback and Reviews.
Patient10x Reviews is a reputation management software and service that enhances doctors' online reputation, increases patient reviews, and attracts new patients.
Digital Patient Intake Forms
Patient10x Forms, brought to you by Patient10x, is the ultimate digital form builder and patient intake software designed to enhance the patient experience and streamline clinic operations.
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Where you are and where you want to be are two different things. That’s why we exist. We’re here to bridge the gap and get you in the path to hyper growth
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Patient10x directly impacted my private practice growth and success
I have had the pleasure of utilizing Patient10x's skill and expertise since September of 2021. Anthony's attention to detail, promptness and overall pride in his work are immediately palpable. Patient10x was a critical component in the growth of my practice over the past 18 months. With the guidance and knowledge base, I have been able to grow my patient volume dramatically. I highly recommend Patient10x Digital Marketing services!
Dr. Shayan Essapoor
Foot & Ankle Surgeon
Patient10x helped me launch and grow my practice
Patient10x has built an excellent user friendly website for my new primary care practice. They also help me with digital marketing, SEO and other patient acquisition channels. Anthony and Patient10x has played a crucial role in growing my practice over the past 8 months. He is very knowledgeable and offers the right guidance needed for a new practice to succeed.
Dr. Shreya Khatri
Primary Care Physician
Patient10x directly impacted my growth and success.
Patient10x has helped me launch my practice from the ground up when I moved my Podiatry practice from Marin to Walnut Creek. Their digital marketing efforts have directly impacted my growth and success. I would highly recommend their services!
Dr. Eman Elmi
Foot & Ankle Surgeon
Excellent experience managing our website
Anthony at Patient10x has been great to work with!  He is attentive, responds immediately and no task is too large or small.  We have had an excellent experience with this website management company and I would highly recommend Patient10x.
client testimonial
Lisa McGuinness
Practice Administrator
Big ROI working with Patient10x on our Digital Marketing efforts
Thrilled with the growth and ROI we've experienced working with Patient10x to really drive our digital marketing strategy from the website, SEO, content, online reputation, and patient acquisition. 10/10 stars!
Dr. Rajiv Nagesetty
Vascular Surgeon
Patient10x increased our organic search traffic by 2757%!
Anthony at Patient10x has really elevated our online presence! He's increased monthly traffic to our website to over 50k monthly visits, all done organically. He has increased our keyword ranking which in return has ranked us #1 on Google with hundreds of keywords ranked in the top 1-3 spots on Google search. From a professional standpoint, Anthony has always responded to questions lightening quick and is so pleasant to work with. You won't be disappointed, great results all the way around!
Stacie Johnson
Medical Practice Marketing Manager
Patient10x marketing services has proven to be a great decision!
My partnership with Patient10x has not only allowed me to better serve my community but has also contributed to the growth of my practice. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to any healthcare practice seeking to enhance their reputation, improve patient satisfaction, and expand their reach. The team at Patient10x is highly knowledgeable, responsive, and genuinely committed to the success of my practice. I am truly grateful for this partnership.
Dr. Ali Hamraz
The reputation management service they provides is indispensable and I recommend highly
A few months ago I received an extremely negative, potentially slanderous online review from the relative of a “patient” I cannot verify I actually treated. It was particularly distressing because of how hard I had worked to preserve my reputation, through exemplary care and service to my patients. The reality of the modern age is that internet reviews often sway opinion as to whether or not to see a provider. After contacting Anthony, my online rating improved immensely, seemingly overnight. New patients often let me know that the positive reviews influenced their decision to see me. Anthony is very responsive and easy to work with. He literally handles everything behind the scenes. The reputation management service he provides is indispensable and I recommend him highly.
Dr. Kenneth Hsiao
Urologist & Surgeon
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