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About Patient10x Forms

What is Patient10x Forms?

Patient10x Forms, brought to you by Patient10x, is the ultimate digital form builder and patient intake software designed to enhance the patient experience and streamline clinic operations.
👋🏼 Say goodbye to the complexities of traditional patient intake methods and embrace a seamless,
secure, and user-friendly solution.

Reduce paperwork, increase profitability, and simplify clinic operations

Our Digital Form builder and secure inbox is the best way to streamline your patient intake process and improve your clinic operations.
Our digital form builder makes it easy to build custom forms, and our patient intake software ensures that your patients have a positive experience from start to finish.
Key Features

Elevate Your Clinic with Our Advanced Features

Results speak for themselves, don’t take our word for it.

Create Customizable Forms

Easily tailor online intake forms to your specific needs and edit them fast anytime.

Seamless Communication

Send form requests to patients via email or SMS, ensuring a streamlined process.

Accessibile Anywhere

Patients can conveniently complete forms on mobile devices or any other digital device.

Data Security

Rest easy with secure, encrypted data storage for your clinic with full HIPAA-Compliance.

Error-Free Data Transfer

Experience hassle-free EHR data transfer, reducing the risk of errors and typos.

Real-time Notifications

Stay in the loop with instant notifications of form submissions.

Why Choose Patient10x Forms?

Streamline Your Clinic, Elevate Patient Care

Patient10x Forms is the top choice for clinics and healthcare organizations. We offer user-friendly customization, secure data management, and a commitment to improving patient experience and clinic efficiency.
  • 01

    Elevate the patient experience and clinic operations.

  • 02

    Streamline patient intake with ease.

  • 03

    Save time and money while improving clinic efficiency.

  • 04

    Ensure patient data security with HIPAA compliance.

Ready to Transform Your Clinic

Take the first step toward a more efficient, patient-focused clinic. Sign up for a free demo of Patient10x Forms now to see how our digital solution can revolutionize your patient intake process and clinic operations.
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secure encryption

HIPAA Compliance and Data Security: Your Patients Security Matters

At Patient10x Forms, we understand that security is paramount in healthcare. That's why we prioritize your clinic's and patient's security through rigorous HIPAA compliant encrypted infrastructure and an expert team dedicated to safeguarding your patients' data.
Our unwavering commitment ensures that your clinic's operations remain secure and compliant while delivering the highest level of care to your patients. With Patient10x Forms, your data security is our top priority.
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